Saturday, December 24, 2011

it's a wrap

spending the morning surrounded by jute, hessian, a glimmer of gold, leather and butchers paper.

made some leather bunting,..which i then sprayed with gold paint.

made the kids some hessian, christmas sacks.

the paint is MrJason Grant for Murabond.  (deep sea dreaming)


and wrapped countless gifts with butchers paper, jute, hessian and gold stamps.

so simple.  so cheap.  so effective.

a lovely, australian country colour scheme.


thank you all for your wonderful friendship and support over the last year.  

i can promise you more fun and massive, exciting projects in the new year.

have a lovely safe festive season.  much love to you all and your families.

jane xx


Gemma @ My Big Nutshell said...

Happy Christmas to you and your family Jane. It has been an absolute delight to read your blog and to have also met you this year.

Anna White said...

Looks so festive at your home all your little DIY jobs..clever girl ! Wishing you and your gorgeous little family a wonderful and safe Christmas..heres to more fun times and friendship in the new year.
Sending big hugs your way.

A x

Penny said...

Love those sacks! Please make them and sell them for next year!!! And I will buy 274 - well 2.

Merry Xmas, Betty! Am loving being on this journey with you. xxx

naughty shorts! said...

hi miss jane! i was driving through geraldton when i stopped into a newsagency to find your cs photoshoot. It looked amazing, as did you!! Congrats my dear, much love from panna! Bec x

plain jane styling said...

thanks gorgeous Bec xxx