Sunday, October 30, 2011


i adore colour.

i love the way it picks up a space.  it changes the intensity of the atmosphere in a room.  

it affects mood.

it is such a trigger.

colour.  clever colour.

yesterday i went to a workshop run by a bunch of designers and stylists who know a whole lot about colour.

(the conclusion being, that i too, know a lot about colour.  a good end result, really).

the panel was

and belle magazine editor at large anne-maree sergeant.

powerful bunch of creatives.

gorgeous sunny yellow everywhere.

a great workshop.

jane xx

Saturday, October 29, 2011

for the love of yellow...oh..and shibori.

i had such a fun day yesterday.

i spent a couple of hours with the delightful pepa and karen from 

they had only just moved into their new super-cool warehouse space and had kindly agreed to help me out on an upcoming project.

my buzz words were


dip dye

oh, and did i mention yellow?  lots of yellow.

so, much fun.

without giving too much away with my project,.

if this was my lounge room, i would be happy.

(they have been there for 3 days!!! mental)

yellow.  gorgeous, sunny yellow.

shibori headquarters.

i've said it before, and i'll say it again.  these girls are going to be huge.  they are that delightful mix of gorgeous personality and a bunch of talent.

shibori.  the new ikat.

get onto it.

jane xx

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

cute wee van.


for those of you who are not on my facebook page.

and who are not following me on twitter.




here is a 'carrie' update.

i gave her a lick of paint yesterday.  (black fox - the same as the house)

did a spot'o'sign'painting.  (not giving up my day job)

and stained the deck,

planted some agapanthus,

styled her up a little.

and here you go!

i can see acreage somewhere with 20 or so vintage vans resting in the grass.  all of them painted and styled.

outdoor showers hanging from trees.


bathtubs under the stars.

veggie patches.

chooks roaming.

who wants to stay in *my* caravan park for the christmas holidays!?

jane xx

Monday, October 10, 2011

styling your christmas day table

november 19th

 i will be presenting a workshop on styling your christmas day table.

i can promise you that there will not be any tinsel.

nor will there be the good old green and red combo.

and santa will definitely not make an appearance.

so, now that i've told you what i *won't* be speaking about, book a ticket and see what i will be lovin' for christmas this year!

i will drop a few hints in the lead up to the 19th.

jane xx

Sunday, October 9, 2011


i have a slight obsession with bones and skulls at the moment.

nothing unhealthy though.  promise!

i came across a buffalo skull on a blog that had been carved,.  it was incredibly earthy and beautiful, but decorative at the same time.

now, i knew that i was no where near enough to tackle a carving like this.


i adore it.

so, i thought about trying to find a curvy, rams skull and finding a way of attaching some wickedly punk metal studs to the horns.

enter mr rams skull.

nice horns.  but a wee bit bland.

a quick trip to birdsall leather where i knew they had some metal studs.

(the weathered, country chap at birdsall did look at me a bit strangely when i asked for 'some studs that i could possibly use to drill into bone),..and even more strangely when i followed that up with 'i'm not a serial killer,...promise'!)

i then spent the next hour or so marking dots on the horns and using a drill to make holes over the markings.

a bit of strong glue in the holes made sure the studs fixed tightly.

and voila!

mr rams head from pymble is now mr. rammstein!

he looks totally at home rocking the black wall of our front porch, don't you think!?

(i could be convinced to make some more, so send me an email if you want to punk up your suburb!)

jane xx

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

carrie sneak peek.

so,.poor old carrie has been a little neglected of late.

too much else going on.

so, she sat.  sad and lonely. wet and mouldy.

poor girl.

until the weekend.

i was lucky enough to have inherited some amazing hardwood floorboards from a friend.  (thank you lovely kristie!)

perfect for the floor of a caravan!

some white paint, mixed with some french pink paint, a little stain for the floor,.and look at her now.

just a sneak peek, cause there is still so much to do.

but i'm loving it,..and she seems happier.

jane xx

Sunday, October 2, 2011

coffee table makeover

some months ago, mr.plain built me a coffee table.

my brief at the time was;

industrial.  solid.  steel. with big wheels.

he complied with this.

which, at the time, i loved.

it was exactly to spec. 

but didn't really suit our space.  (not that i told him that of course!)

a giant road case in my living room.

i decided that the problem was the material.  too much silver for such a 'wood' oriented room.

i usually like to ground spaces with nature when i am styling a room.  play it up with colour/metallics and then ground it with nature.

it needed a wooden top.

i was lucky enough to have inherited metres and metres of hardwood floorboards from a gorgeous girlfriend, and a couple of those boards could be spared to give the table a new personality.

we mixed 2 colours of stain to get a bespoke, vintage industrial colour, and also got a hammer out and beat the wood up a little.

i adore it.

the wood has 'aged' perfectly with the stain.  it looks a similar vintage to the wooden vessel sitting on top of it.

bye-bye roadcase,  hello coffee table!

jane xx

Saturday, October 1, 2011

shibori + leather = perfection

ok, ok.

i *know* that i have not posted for about eight weeks, and am now going to post about the same thing twice in four days.



thursday night i went to the opening of their exhibition.

and saw these.

(this one is my favourite.  the indigo dye almost looks photographic and so incredibly 3dimensional).

leather and shibori could possibly be the best fabric/technique combination ever.


i am seeing cowhide floor rugs...  


can you imagine a soft, buttery, handmade, leather/shibori clutch bag!?!?! 

to die for.

(just putting it out there universe!)

jane xx