Thursday, March 31, 2011

boho wedding perfection

so,...**if** i were ever in the market to get married again, then this is how i would style it...

could it get any more perfect?

simply stunning.

anyone getting married?

renewing vows aka heidi&seal?

product launch or vip party?

let me at it!

jane xx

(styled by the very clever emilia jane over at sweet emilia jane.

Photo: Katie Neal Photo //  Styling & Design:  Sweet Emilia Jane + Sitting in a Tree
The Floral Lab //  Videography: Austin Hendrix Productions //  Brides Dress: Shareen Vintage
Hair & Makeup: 
Ten.Eleven Makeup //  Hair Accessory: Lo Boheme //  Paper goods:  Pitbulls and Posies// Rentals:  Pow Wow Vintage Rentals //  Clothing:  Hunt & Gather and personal collections // Jewelry:Found Pieces + personal collections

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

k is for kookaburra

i am so into these gorgeous paintings.

australiana mixed with vintage school book.  they tick a lot of boxes with me.  their muted colour schemes,..simplistic story and vintage structure.


these particular ones are done by australian designer lee mathews, and are hung in her children's bedrooms.

they are acrylic paint on old real estate sign boards.

i am so entranced by the one featuring the kookaburra, that i have stuck it on the wall next to my desk.

i think lottie needs something like it in her room,...  so i shall give it a go.

stay tuned for the results!

jane xx

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


hello lovely friends!

so sorry for not having posted in a day or two,..  i have been travelling around the countryside.

just spend some time in gorgeous melbourne,..having meetings, eating good food and wandering the streets,.  (the actual getting there and getting home was a bit of a disaster,.but never mind!)

check out this divine little store i found in fitzroy.  i have been following their super cute blog for some time now and was simply itching to get in there and have a nose about. 

goodness me.  

the treasures!

little goldmine well worth visiting when you’re next on the Northside!  The obligatory industrial finds are all here – chunky timber benches, rustic metal lockers and pigeonholes etc… all jostling for attention amongst vintage flags and bunting, reclaimed signage, sporting ephemera, science lab glassware and knick knacks.  What sets Nook Vintage apart is a carefully selected range of vintage fashion and accessories, and also a smattering of new brands including soft furnishings by brilliant Sydney design house Pony Rider.  It’s a well-stocked and beautifully styled space,...

and owner, rachel is simply divine!  So warm and welcoming!  oh,...and they hire props too!!!!


check it out.

pony rider cushions!

if you are in melbourne, pop in and check it out,..follow their blog or friend them on facebook,..and if you are a stylist,.check out their gorgeous objects to hire!

lovin' my time in melbourne.

missed you all though.

jane xx

Friday, March 25, 2011

lunch in cabramatta - a storyboard


hạnh phúc tinh khiết 
(pure bliss)

jane xx

timeless images

when my paternal grandmother died, i was lucky enough to inherit a gorgeous wooden box filled with old family slides.

images of my father catching fish at the age of 6.

my grandmother getting married.

various farms,..sheep,...cattle,...houses.

my kids love to look through them,..sort them,..and chuckle over 'poppy' looking so young.

i have often wondered upon how best to display them.

i am thinking that something like this may be lovely.

it's quite simple really,.. a little stand to place the slide on, and a glass tea-light sitting behind to project and illuminate the image.

i can change the slides from time to time,..and the kids can laugh as they see 'poppy' grinning at them from his projected image on the wall.

memories are so important,...enjoy them.

jane xx

Thursday, March 24, 2011

facelift for carrie..

as you all know,...carrie is my 1950's caravan,...

i bought her some months ago,.and the aim was to restore her and take her to markets and sell vintage-y homewares and lovely little things from under her striped canvas awning.

well,.seems that my business is shifting somewhat,.and i am styling events and interiors more than doing markets.  i have decided to keep my vintage bits and pieces as props for styling shoots,...and now need an 'office' more than anything.

so,..carrie is  going to become my office.  she will be plain jane headquarters.  

she will also be available to hire as a location for photoshoots. (more about that a little further down the track).

i have found a place for her to sit under a couple of massive trees in our garden,..and we will build a deck,..install our retro fridge,..and have a gorgeous herb garden nestled around her.

which gets me thinking about colour.

what colour to paint carrie.

i **think** (until i change my mind again!) i have decided on a turquoise and cream colour scheme,..with a bit of happy yellow thrown in for good measure.

something like this...


jane xx

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

patriotic comfort.

i think my hand painted union jack cushion turned out quite well,..

what do you think?

jane xx

rule britannia - cushion concept #2

i have wanted a union jack cushion for some time now,...

or even better,

a vintage union jack flag to make into a cushion.

however, i keep on baulking at spending upwards of $100 on a cushion,..and nearly $500 on a flag.

time to think outside the box.

yesterday i started mucking around with fabric paint.

you can get some lovely screen printing paint for as little as $9 per bottle.

then look online for a union jack to copy.

mask up some calico with tape.

and paint colour at a time, leaving the fabric to dry in between colours.

i think it is going to look fabulous as a cushion!

stay tuned for the results.

jane xx

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

lets carry on then!

remember this cheap and cheerful, cotton teatowel i picked up last week?

well,...look at her now!

complete with a lovely navy and white striped backing,..


carry on then!

jane xx

Monday, March 21, 2011

vintage find.

my middle child, jasper, is four.  he has recently discovered a love of collecting certain things.

sea-glass,...shells,..feathers,...string,...birds nests,...small hooks/screws/coins.

you know. 

boy stuff.

i am loving that he has a love for things like this,..but for a while have struggled with trying to find a way for him to display and add to his 'collection'.

i found the solution yesterday.

its a vintage printers drawer.  

with its tiny little compartments, it's perfect for housing boy stuff.  

how fabulous does this one look as storage for jewels?

or painted?

or simply divine in their natural environment.

(last two images via wish you were here blog)

jane xx