Monday, January 31, 2011

the first day,..

our daughter, lottie, had her first day in year 1 today.

she was so excited.

as were her brothers.

bless em.

jane xx

Saturday, January 29, 2011

favourite things,...

am not finding terribly much inspiring today,..

tired,... a little flat,... uninspired,.... 

altogether finding people a wee bit odd,.

anyway,.. as a pick me up, i sat down with my morning coffee and opened up an old favourite.  an art book that i have had since i studied art at uni.

instant calm.

look at these images.  immerse yourself in the texture of the paint.  let your eye use the brushstrokes as the momentum to move through each piece.

this is art.

enjoy your saturday, friends.

jane xx

Friday, January 28, 2011

covetable colour

nikki tibbles is a british florist with an amazing sense of style,...  her home is an homage to intriguing objects, colour and artworks.  

think deep pink floral wallpaper clashing harmoniously with a missoni rug, vases in all hues and cushions scattered everywhere and you may be on the right path.

chaotic calm.

i love it.


some people really are too, too fabulous.

**sorry everyone,.. i had to remove the images as they were doing dodgy things,..  so you can see the full story here

jane xx

australia day storyboard

seems we were all having waaay too much fun on wednesday to get the camera out!  oops!  

it was a gorgeous day,....

here are the only photos on record!

and these last two images are from my lovely photographer friend toni hutchison,.  thanks ton.

what a happy day.

jane xx

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

event perfection

so sorry for being a bit amiss the last day or so,..

you see, we are having a gathering on australia day,.

a garden party if you will.

for lots of our friends.

we do this quite often,..but this time i got a bee in my bonnet about doing some sort of 'decorating'.  oh,...and also of having an outdoor movie screening of priscilla, queen of the desert.


i got all excited at the image of our friends lying on rugs on our lawn,...with antique bowls of popcorn,..jaffas,.. glasses of wine,..and watching a movie under the stars.

it's tomorrow.

i need to get moving!

i'm sure i'll have a bunch of photographs to show you on thursday,...but in the meantime,.here are some photos of an amazing 'homemade wedding'.  i am obsessed with this blog, tales of a jUnkaholic (and yes, the 'U' is in caps on her website!)..  and these are pics of Artemis' wedding.


from the INCREDIBLE dress, the flowers,.the bunting,...the homemade invitations so lovingly made, the gorgeous wedding honeymoon tent,..  love,.love,,..

anyway,..  incase our event does not look like this tomorrow (and there is a large chance that it won't), this is a brilliant representation of what my perfect australia day garden party would look like!

now,..back to it!

jane xx

Sunday, January 23, 2011

banana leaf meet vintage rose.

i finished painting the breezeway today.

looks lovely.

my final paint choice, was, as per usual, the first colour i looked at.

porters banana leaf.

it's rich,..and olive-y, with a hint of blue.

here is the breezeway before.

here are some of the paintings i chose for one of the walls.  if you are going to attempt to create a cluster of paintings, it is easier to lay it out on the floor to arrange the shape,.then photograph it, and use the photograph as a template.

and here is the final result.

i am pleased.

jane xx