Wednesday, November 23, 2011

blog slog.

is it just me,..or does blogging sometimes feel like 'old tech'?

we have so many faster social media tools,.twitter,.facebook,..etc,. that sitting down and writing a blog post, after creating something,.or doing something interesting, seems like a rather banal and dull thing to do.

is it just me?

i feel, that by the time i get to blog, everyone already knows what i have been up to!

am thinking about designing a website, and linking a blog of sorts into that.  more of a showreel than anything.  maybe that is the way to go.

anyway,.  have had a fabulous weekend,.

presenting a 'christmas styling' workshop to a bunch of amazing women on saturday.  

my thinking this year was hessian, antlers, floral, shibori (of course) and christmas bush.

i'll pop some photos up later on in the week.


on sunday we shot an ad campaign for shibori in 'carrie'.

the campaign was for frankie magazine, and the result was gorgeous!

here are a couple of sneaky behind the scenes shots.

can't wait to show you the final result!

jane xx

Thursday, November 10, 2011

interview with Interiors Addict

i am over at interiors addict today.

come over for a read!

and,. for something else cute to do, check out mrjason grant's 

jane xx

Monday, November 7, 2011

the bad blogger.

i discovered over the weekend that i was definitely more stylist than blogger.

you're not following?


i went to two fabulous launches and totally forgot to photograph anything.  there were people on their iPhones left, right and centre.  

not me.

too interested in looking at paint colours, and chatting away with other stylists.


i went to the launch of mr jason grant's new colour range for murabond.  delightfully entitled 'road trip'.

then i went to sibella court's launch of her new book 

(a must buy for christmas btw).

if you want to check out some photos and a report by a *real* blogger, then pop over to

(she mentioned me in her post, i must have been there!)

jane xx

Friday, November 4, 2011

shhhhh,.......I'm over here today.

today i popped over to visit my lovely friend penny@ her blog 

i am presenting at an upcoming workshop for her, concentrating on christmas and table styling.

if you want to come along, hop over and book tickets.

or look at some pretty pictures.

jane xx

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

launch day saturday

deep down in pitch documents, conceptual drawings and prop sourcing at the moment.

however, will manage to pop out on saturday to two launches.

(lovely how they have been co-ordinated for the same day,. a couple of hours apart,.. and not too far away from each other!)

the first is the launch of mr jason grant's new murabond colour range.

the new range is inspired by summer and the gorgeous colours around bondi beach.

i have these sample pots on my desk and i am itching to get the 'deep sea dreaming' onto *something*.  it is a gorgeous, rich, almost metallic colour.  paired back with some wood and a little gold, it will look divine.

the second launch is of sibella court's new book.

In my latest book ‘Nomad’, I have created a beautiful photographic collection of travel shots & styled spaces to show how to bring your travels home in the most unexpected of ways. It will sit comfortably beside ‘Etcetera’ and is brimming with decorating tips and inspiring pictures. I globetrot-ed and treasure hunted to Syria, Mexico, Italy, India and Japan. I was influence by everything from door knobs and street signs to roadside shrines and household brooms- many things that often go unnoticed. I use the ideas, photographs and mementos from my travels to inspire room settings in stunning private residences through simple, practical and surprising ways showing that any decorative background can be restyled with travel touches. My philosophy is about adding and subtracting, rearranging and recycling, transforming and rethinking a space to reflect your personality, lifestyle and adventures. Make it organic & sustainable! You do not have to recreate your entire interior for that special reminder of your trip. ‘Nomad’ will help open your eyes to what’s around you and fuel your imagination long after the suitcase is unpacked. Plus there’s a reference list in the back of all my fav shops, books and hotels that I found & used along the way!

thanks sibella!

should be a lovely saturday.

jane xx