Tuesday, September 27, 2011

i have a crush..

2 posts in 2 days.

that is surely a personal best in recent times!

i just had to pop in though and tell you about a recent crush.

as you can see,..my blog has had a bit of a makeover.  not too sure whether i will stick with it, cause at heart i am a fickle, fickle being.


i am madly in love with the fabric on the background.


not too long ago, through sibella court, i came across a wee company dying fabulous fabrics in the traditional japanese way.

look at their divine projects.

this is a meeting space @ macquarie bank

shibori stage drapes in the beresford hotel

collaboration with mr.jason grant.


basically,With shibori the dyer works in concert with the materials, not in an effort to overcome their limitations, but to allow them full expression. An element of the unexpected is always present. All the variables attendant upon shaping the cloth and all the influences that control the events in the dye vat or pot serve to remove some of the shibori process from human control. An analogy is that of a potter firing a wood-burning kiln. All the technical conditions have been met, but what happens in the kiln may be a miracle or a disaster. Chance and accident also give life to the shibori process, and this contributes to its special magic and strongest appeal

Shibori is a Japanese term. Shibori comes from the verb root “shiboru” - to wring squeeze or press, and would be used to describe wringing out the washing or a floor cloth.
The emphasis is upon the action performed on the cloth.
Tie-dye is the popular name for shibori in the Western world. However this term does not fully describe the great diversity of techniques which have been developed or the degree of skill and knowledge required to execute them. 

(courtesy of shibori webpage)


then, a week or so ago, i came across a website selling vintage shibori haori (kimono jackets) direct from japan!  

for less than fifty clams, i had, delivered to my door, a divine vintage shibori haori.


so there you go.


my current crush.

jane xx


Anonymous said...

Wow Jane those Kimono jackets are definitely not 'plain'. Love them! x

plain jane styling said...

I know! And so, so affordable! I have to stop myself from ordering more! jxx

Claudia Lane said...

wow, Jane...I love your new background (divine!) and header - and loved all the info about those gorgeous fabrics. Glad that you are back :)

plain jane styling said...

Hello lovely Claudia! Good to be back in the house! xx

BabyMac said...

LOVE the new blog look!

plain jane styling said...

really? thanks beth xxx

nicki said...

i was inspired earlier too!!


and thanks for the link to that kimono flea market...i have been in heaven for hourssss now...

nicki said...
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