Saturday, March 19, 2011

lotties room - a work in progress

i started work on lottie's room yesterday.

as you already know, i had two sweet little vintage, iron beds to work with, and lottie liked this sort of thing.

keep in mind, this is only the beginning,..

here's the breakdown.

the quilt cover is an altered version of this vintage one i bought the other day.  my vision for the twin beds was to have the same linen, and i only had one quilt cover.  so i bought a cheap white quilt set from ikea yesterday and unstitched both pieces.  i then sewed one side of the vintage set to the plain white piece.  effectively and cheaply creating 2 matching quilt covers.  

they work beautifully paired back with white pillowslips, and a soft white wool rug folded at the foot of the bed.  (i picked two up from ikea for the grand sum of $4 each!)

the beds are vintage shearers cots.  the beauty of these is that you can paint them any colour, and they still look fabulous.  here are two very similar ones listed on ebay at the moment, for 75 clams!

the prints on the wall i made. see them in detail here. or email me if you want me to make some for your kids.

i also made the potato sack and vintage teatowel cushions.  again email me if you would like some.

the chair is an old rickety wooden number, picked up at a garage sale for about $5.  it has been painted with a bright pantone turquoise paint.  works beautifully with the orange, i think.

the bird painting was done by lotties great grandmother.

the windmill is actually a lamp, and i bought it at an auction house for 50cents! so kitch it's cool.

the vintage ragdolls were mine and the wooden 'S' was bought at bunnings and then painted with a chocolate coloured paint.

(styling in the wall divider is by lottie - she wanted me to mention that!)

all in all,.i think it is coming along nicely.

jane xx


Aunt Annie said...

Fabulous- I love it! Well done PJ and Lottie!

Penny said...

It's beautiful.

Louisa said...

Looks gorgeous Jane-we have to work on Lila's room and make it more girly so nice to see some ideas. Is the shelving from Ikea? x

plain jane styling said...

Hi Weez,... Yup,.the shelving is a room divider from ikea. It's affordable,.and almost guards against clutter, as you tend to create tiny little vignettes in each section. pjxx

naughtyshorts! said...

Your work is nice and all Jane, but the room divider is what really sold me! Nice work ladies!! I picked up an old iron hospital bed today for 20 bucks! Can't wait to show you x

plain jane styling said...

Thanking you, Miss Naughty Shorts (gawd, I love writing that!),...I am moulding lottie into the perfect stylist! twenty clams?! get outta town! Can't wait to see it! xx

Romana said...

gorgeous! the perfect room :) I love the name Lottie, it was on my top 3 baby names. Are you Dutch/heritage?
Romana :)

plain jane styling said...

Hi Romana, welcome to my little blog! No,..we are not of Dutch heritage,..... Lottie is short for Scarlett :) xx