Tuesday, March 15, 2011

project day - kids bedrooms

i am starting to think about styling jasper and lotties rooms.  we have gorgeous dusky 'camel' coloured sisal on the floors and the walls are a gorgeous 'camel cord' by taubmans paired back with white glossy paint.

i inherited 2 divine antique cast iron shearers beds on the weekend..and am just getting some images together now for lotties sweet little girl space.

when i begin to think of a concept for a room, the first thing i do is put together a storyboard.  a page divided into a grid with inspiring images and colour concepts in each one.  i print it out, and stick it on my pinboard for a week or so,...seeing whether the styles, colours and concepts 'work' and whether i can live with them.  more often than not, i go back to the original document and delete images,..change colours etc.  it's a good way to map out a space.  the next thing is that i go to the local hardware store and grab heaps of cardboard paint sample swatches.  i get ones the same colour as the walls,.the ceiling and woodwork,..the bedlinen,...the contrasting fabrics etc,... its a great way of styling a room.

the first three pictures are of the gorgeous allison from lark in daylesford's house.

lottie spied these images in one of my interior design magazines and promptly cut them out.  yah - a style storyboard at the age of 6!

so this is the direction we are heading with lotties room at the moment.

vintage,...country,...girlie,.. with twin beds for the inevitable beginning of sleepovers.

have a safe day friends.

jane xx


Aunt Annie said...

I LOOOOOOVE the red-gold with poppy wallpaper... fantastic!

plain jane styling said...

I know! The wallpaper is glorious! we have weatherboards on the walls in the kids rooms though,.so can't use wallpaper,... will have to inject colour with artworks, I think! xx