Saturday, March 19, 2011

keep calm and carry on.

so, the design show didn't happen.

and that's ok.  

onto other things!

I found this fabulous 'keep calm and carry on' tea towel yesterday at holy sheet.

for $6!


such a classic image,.

would look fabulous framed in a white ikea ribba frame.

like this.

(how cute are those little ceramic deer!?)

but i am going to make mine into a cushion.  backed with a stripe,..or even a pink floral,.

will be v. cute.

stay tuned for the result!

(and please bear with my simplistic post this morning, i am battling a cold,.and dealing with 3 babies who also have colds,. bleugh.)

have a lovely saturday friends 
jane xx


nicki said...

sorry to hear about top design. when one door closes another opens though. i'm sure you've learned so much about you're capable of by going through the interview process even! good on ya'

Aunt Annie said...

I'd just like to point out that we're talking about pleasing a Channel 9 audience here... so no, I wouldn't be taking any feeling of rejection too seriously! It's all about what they think will get viewers... and that is the most catchy, not necessarily the best. xx

plain jane styling said...

Thanks Nicki xxx

And AA, yup! That's my thinking exactly! xx