Saturday, March 5, 2011

when shopping leads you astray.

rafferty and i left the house yesterday morning with good intentions.  no, really, we did.  the aim for the morning was to go to the produce store and buy a large sack of 'feed and fire'.  i kid you not, our chicken food is called 'feed and fire'.

anyway,.. we got a little distracted, and came home with a 1950's dusky pink silk dress, and a vintage sheet set.


look at this dress though..

i have it hanging in the office like a gorgeous, tangible roll of deborah bowness wallpaper.

and the back, it not divine?

i also picked up a vintage sheet set in the most perfect shade of hermes orange.


will be perfect for lotties room,..when i get it sorted out!

and, talking about shopping,...  look at this divine website..

1950's style tea dresses made from custom vintage fabrics.  could it get any more divine?

(oh,...and we did remember to get the chook food too)

jane xx

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