Saturday, December 18, 2010

vintage artwork for kids.......

i love vintage prints,..  but they can be expensive,..and if you have a couple of kids, like me (3!!), it all adds up

i recently found some vintage children's books at a local flea market,..  i picked them up for about 50cents each,..and they have beautiful illustrations in them.

sit down with your kids and go through the illustrations,..see which ones they like, and then create a theme,..  ie; transport,..planes,,...girls in dresses etc,..

i then bought some thick white ribba frames from ikea for about $12 each.

the finished product looks stylish....the kids will love making up stories about what is going on in the images,....and it won't break the bank!


jane xx


Jo said...

wonderful idea! so effective too

plain jane styling said...

thanks Jo!
jane xx