Monday, December 12, 2011

Frankie + Carrie

i mentioned a week or so ago, that my lovely friends at 

came up to shoot an advertorial for 

frankie magazine.

was a super day,...


the magazine is out this week.  i have just had a preview of our page,..and


looks fabulous!

instagram via the gorgeous Pip at meet me at mikes.

looks fab, eh?!

make sure you all go out and buy a copy of Frankie!

jane xx


Anna White said...

Looks awesome Jane..Giddy Up!! I havent had a good dose of Frankie is a while so I will be sure to keep a lookout for it when I next upload on my monthly reads at the newsagency. Congrats lovely...hope all is well xoxo

Aunt Annie said...

Go Carrie and the antlers!! Woop woop! Dashing through the rain... :D

Jane said...

Hi Jane, I will definitely be buying Frankie, I bought it for the first time last month, love it. best christmas wishes to you. Jane x

LINDA from OEKE said...

Sorry to ruin your perfect '111' follower number by pressing follow (as I am now no 112), but found you via a comment on Heather's blog - and now not only do I have to buy Country Style to check out Heather's work .. now I also must dash out and get it to see your cover (and feature).

Cheers, Linda

plain jane styling said...

lovely to have you on board, Linda! XX