Saturday, December 10, 2011

first world problems.

*if* i were the type of person who was to go out and buy christmas decorations, baubles and the likes, then i *wouldn't* because of how darned expensive they are!

lucky i am not!

a confusing sentence.  i am sure i could have structured it better.  but it does the job.

are you all with me?

$7+ for ONE glitzy bauble?  

what are people thinking!?  how much money do you have to spend to decorate the entire tree?

how first world!

for other first world reasons (an expensive italian car that needed a new cat. converter), and the death of my iPhone, i found myself in town yesterday, for 8hours, un-contactable, and with 20 clams in my back pocket.

fun. (no, really it was!  nowhere to be.  no-one to speak to.  i was as good as free!)

so, i set myself a challenge.

i was going to buy all the decorations for our tree for $20.

and here is the result.

and the breakdown.

mexican bunting from Oxfam $8
pink/yellow and orange cut paper decorations from Oxfam $5
chinese paper lanterns from chinatown $2for a pack of 6 
chinese 2012 'year of the dragon' lucky door hanging (which i, probably un-luckily, hacked into small hangings) $5
yellow fabric torn into strips and tied into bows - already had in the stash
pom-pom 'star - made by lottie from her yellow wool and some of my jute twine.

so,.there you go.  a 12foot tree, jammed into a vintage milk pail, crammed with decorations,.all for $20.

still first world. but easier to swallow. 

how does your tree look this year?

jane xx


Simon @ XYDJ said...

Very nicely done. We've just done the good ol' dust off the Chrissy tree we've been using for ever trick. Works well.

plain jane styling said...

whatever works for you Simon,... whatever works for you! ;) x

Romana said...

actually looks bloody fabulous Jane! I am feeling something similar coming on, although filled with school made decorations ;)

Gemma @ My Big Nutshell said...

I LOVE IT! So festive and energetic!

I'm not doing a tree this year at all. My bogan reject shop one from 2004 offends me, it has hardly any fake foliage and is tired.

I've done a hanging backdrop instead and it's still christmassy enough.

Anonymous said...

How sensible and creative! Well done!
I love it.

Allana said...

Oh I love it! Money well spent I say :)
Love your little yellow chairs too, we found some of those at our local oppie and I grabbed 2 red ones, really wish I'd got a few other colours now though, oh well :)

plain jane styling said...
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plain jane styling said...

I adore our yellow sebel chairs too! On the hunt for some more to go round our dining table now! Xx