Wednesday, June 22, 2011

some beige bricks in that block.

so,..  have you all (in australia) been watching the new series of 'the block'?


first thing that struck me was how unbelievably 'beige' the contestants are.

they are all young, anglo-saxon, attractive, and very, very dull.

apparently, in the 'beauty industry' was popular with the producers!

not a cracker of a start.

their first challenge was to create a 'room' out of a blank set.  4 flats tacked together to make a room.

they had 24hours.

what a terribly amusing balls-up!

two teams managed to leave their tins of paint at the hardware store.  two of the ladies spent eight of the twenty-four hours shopping, only to come back with nothing.

there were no floorplans.

there were no lists.

they were running blind.

usually, straight to ikea.

how. incredibly. predictable.

how disappointing.

i liked one couple's take on 'vintage', but they didn't take it far enough.

i liked that they popped in to see my friend, rach over at nook vintage, and picked up some amazing pony rider cushions..

but, honestly?

the rest was as beige as beige can be.

what did you all think of this beige brick block?

jane xx


Aunt Annie said...

I didn't watch it, because the teasers of them shopping at Ikea told me everything I needed to know. For god's sake- IKEA? I'm trying to rid my house of every item of Ikea I ever bought when I was young and broke! Sooo dated and obviously cheap- unless of course you are Plain Jane and see an alternative use for something (I love Jasper's bookcase on the wall)!

Belinda - Nest Design Studio said...

I agree, last nights were pretty ordinary. I didn't mind the first nights rooms though (didn't love them, didn't hate them).
I did mention to hubby last night, that if it was me, I'm sure I would have done lots and lots of homework before getting to melbourne so you had a clear direction of what style you want to create and where to purchase items from (i know it was a surprise challenge but still would of helped!).

plain jane styling said...

Ditto Belinda. I would have sourced everything according to my 'style'. I would have made contacts in specialty stores,...made look books up of certain rooms,.. would have costed items. research is paramount. pj:)

Noosa Beach House said...

Hi Jane, well I for one was amazed that they didn't recognise that it was the Tolix chair, gah, don't they read blogs lol!! Five minutes in and I was ready to turn it off. And those stickers, don't start me!! Anywho, we'll see where it all goes. Looking forward to when long time blogger Katrina and her sister have their turn, cheers Lx

plain jane styling said...

Hey Noos! Long time no see, my friend! Who are the bloggers? the pretty twins? can you link me in to their blogs? xx

Noosa Beach House said...

No, not the twins, the other sisters. Katrina's been blogging for about 5 yrs, we were all so excited in blogland when she went to the auditions! Anyway

mwah x

Rebecca DaCosta said...

Its a little bit like watching paint dry :-)