Tuesday, December 20, 2011

the little black shack on the hill.

i posted some months back about the gorgeous team from country style magazine coming to photograph our little black shack to feature in their magazine.


it hits the stands tomorrow!

i got my subscribed copy last week....but was out at lunch with some girlfriends when a text message came through with a photograph of the cover.

(thanks beth!).

my wee boy, jasper, was gracing the cover with his chook, oprah.

and, i may be a wee bit biased, but i think it is one of the best covers of country style to date.

the black and the pink are a gorgeous, vibrant combination.

and, ain't he cute!?

and oprah!  honestly, what a little star!  She knew to stand so very still.  made for the screen, that chook!

anyway,. here are a couple of sneaky inside shots.

the necklace i was wearing was designed and made by the divine 

here she is wearing it!

and the dress lottie is wearing and the pants that the boys are wearing are all made by my very clever, textile designer friend,

hard to see in the pictures, but all the clothes are made from vintage fabrics.  rafferty's pants are made from australiana tea towels.  there is a kookaburra on the front and a rosella on the back. 

they are totally divine.

(she has just made me a dress for christmas day,..so will show you all that one next week!).

all photographs are by the extraordinarily clever

so!  everyone go out and buy this issue of country style!

jane xx


Penny said...

Very exciting! My mum rang and left a voice mail message all excited about Alice's brother, hugo being in Country Style! She even showed Alice. Apparently Alice was unimpressed - there's just no pleasing some....;-)

plain jane styling said...

haha! Hugo was so funny Pen,.. he snuck into every shot and sat right in the middle. we gave up moving him after a while. cheeky boy!

Mrs A in the Cove said...

Will have my eye on the newsagent tomorrow - love the pink and black - devine! Can't wait to see it - have a fabo Christmas. Leanne xx

Leisa said...

How very exciting. I look forward to tracking a copy down.

Gemma @ My Big Nutshell said...

So excited for you Jane!

I was stalking newsagents yesterday and couldn't find it. Now I know it's out tomorrow! Can't WAIT!!!!!!!!!

Heather Nette King said...

Jane I am crazy about your pink door! And Carrie. Gorgeous.

plain jane styling said...

Thanks Heather! I think everyone should have a french pink front door at least once in their lives,... and then maybe swap it up for something yellow,..hmmmm,..... XX

Jennifer Paterson said...

Love your caravan in the frankie shoot and will definitely grab a copy of the Country Style. I was wondering what colour you have painted the exterior? It looks like your house is the same. Is it just plain black or a variation? Thanks!

plain jane styling said...

Hi Jennifer,.. the colour of the caravan is the same as the house.. It's Dulux "Black Fox'. x

Bianca said...

oh wow!! that house was yours??!!! it WAS one of the best covers yet! i'm always so excited to open that beautiful magazine, but was so extra excited after eyeing your beautiful house. i loved it. anyway, i just found your blog, looking forward to having a bit more of a read! Bianca ivylovesjack.blogspot.com