Saturday, October 1, 2011

shibori + leather = perfection

ok, ok.

i *know* that i have not posted for about eight weeks, and am now going to post about the same thing twice in four days.



thursday night i went to the opening of their exhibition.

and saw these.

(this one is my favourite.  the indigo dye almost looks photographic and so incredibly 3dimensional).

leather and shibori could possibly be the best fabric/technique combination ever.


i am seeing cowhide floor rugs...  


can you imagine a soft, buttery, handmade, leather/shibori clutch bag!?!?! 

to die for.

(just putting it out there universe!)

jane xx


oldflowers4me said...

wow..miss jane...thankyou for sharing ....

plain jane styling said...

you are MOST welcome! xx

AVY said...

Very cool :)

/ Avy

Aunt Annie said...

I like the first one. You could write a book about the stories it tells. You can hang it on my wall any day... just putting it out there! lol