Thursday, September 29, 2011

exhibition booth with an edge.

(well,...i've been busy,..and haven't told you all what i've been up to!)

not so long ago, a friend of mine, who is also a fabulous photographer asked me to come on board and style a booth at a photography exhibition for him.

check him out.  his work is lovely.

i had a limited budget, and a couple of days to come up with something that would suit his style of photography and also his personality.

masculine/edgy/industrial/on trend/and eye catching!

booths at exhibitions are so incredibly dull.

you can walk from one to the other and barely notice the difference.

not this booth.

i came up with a really simple colour palette that would work with the black walls of the booth.  

vintage industrial brown - including glass, wood and cow hide
soft pink magnolia blooms
white industrial lighting feature

so very simple.

very effective.

first i mocked it up at home in front of a black wall to make sure that design wise it worked.

the bare bulb cluster worked beautifully with the sculptural magnolia branches.

vintage industrial stools with a pop of colour were both masculine and visually interesting.

by hanging vintage frames over sections of photographs, your eye is drawn 'to the drama'.  you can use a method like this at home to add dimension and visual interest.

gorgeous photographer, james.  a bit easy on the eye too! ha!

clusters of brown apothecary bottles are striking without being overwhelming. 

a vignette of daphne, books and vintage cameras.

the round bulb worked well with james' gorgeous, sculptural image.


there you go.

an exhibition booth with a bit of personality.

jane xx


Ready2Roll Pregnancy Pillow said...

WOW That looks amazing. What a fabulous way to stand out in the crowd.

plain jane styling said...

Yup. and that's the point. you need to create cut-through to allow your brand to be heard. especially in a room filled with like brands. jxx

Anonymous said...

I like your technique. Clever! Great styling!!

Claudia Lane said...

lovely...the magnolia branch looks amazing and so does your styling, you clever girl! :)

Claudia xo