Sunday, October 2, 2011

coffee table makeover

some months ago, mr.plain built me a coffee table.

my brief at the time was;

industrial.  solid.  steel. with big wheels.

he complied with this.

which, at the time, i loved.

it was exactly to spec. 

but didn't really suit our space.  (not that i told him that of course!)

a giant road case in my living room.

i decided that the problem was the material.  too much silver for such a 'wood' oriented room.

i usually like to ground spaces with nature when i am styling a room.  play it up with colour/metallics and then ground it with nature.

it needed a wooden top.

i was lucky enough to have inherited metres and metres of hardwood floorboards from a gorgeous girlfriend, and a couple of those boards could be spared to give the table a new personality.

we mixed 2 colours of stain to get a bespoke, vintage industrial colour, and also got a hammer out and beat the wood up a little.

i adore it.

the wood has 'aged' perfectly with the stain.  it looks a similar vintage to the wooden vessel sitting on top of it.

bye-bye roadcase,  hello coffee table!

jane xx


oldflowers4me said...

hello coffee table..miss Jane..can you give us a talk about some of your divine books ..

plain jane styling said...

Of course! a post on books,..fabulous idea xx

raylynn said...

Hate to say it Miss Plain Jane, but l prefer the original effort of Mr Plain.

Anna White said...

LOVE IT! A hundred times better...adds warmth and character to this space..a beautiful industrial piece to be proud of thats for sure! x

plain jane styling said...

haha Raylynn,.. each to their own! xx

Adeline Country Cottage said...

Hello Miss Plain,

I like both way's, but yes your right something was lacking, and now it has a mix of both of your personalities, I like it!


Aunt Annie said...

You can probably work out my opinion, as you know what my own house looks like! There is nothing like the ambience of old wood.

Anonymous said...

Clever girl, coffee table is now perfect!! I'm on the look out for the perfect coffee table right now. Wish me luck!


i like aged wood idea. looks great.

Leanne @ Uber Simplicity said...

Oh I love the wood on the top!