Wednesday, November 23, 2011

blog slog.

is it just me,..or does blogging sometimes feel like 'old tech'?

we have so many faster social media tools,.twitter,.facebook,..etc,. that sitting down and writing a blog post, after creating something,.or doing something interesting, seems like a rather banal and dull thing to do.

is it just me?

i feel, that by the time i get to blog, everyone already knows what i have been up to!

am thinking about designing a website, and linking a blog of sorts into that.  more of a showreel than anything.  maybe that is the way to go.

anyway,.  have had a fabulous weekend,.

presenting a 'christmas styling' workshop to a bunch of amazing women on saturday.  

my thinking this year was hessian, antlers, floral, shibori (of course) and christmas bush.

i'll pop some photos up later on in the week.


on sunday we shot an ad campaign for shibori in 'carrie'.

the campaign was for frankie magazine, and the result was gorgeous!

here are a couple of sneaky behind the scenes shots.

can't wait to show you the final result!

jane xx


Kara Rosenlund said...

Can't wait to see the final results either Jane! Well Done!

Aunt Annie said...

Re the 'speed' of blogging versus Twitter, etc- it depends on why you're doing it. What's the function of your blog?

If it's to create a lasting record of something worthwhile, or if it's a creative process in itself (as mine is), then it's definitely worth the extra time and effort; also, the extra time spent reflecting on what you've done as you write it up can be valuable as a self-evaluation tool.

If it's just a form of rapid notification, then Twitter and FB are far better suited to your 'newsreel' purpose.

So here's your next blog topic... why do you blog? :D

Aunt Annie said...

(PS: I see your blog as a thing of beauty- a creation in itself- which is why I read it. That also makes it an effective form of advertising for your services.)

Naughty shorts! said...

Yes its worth it, but your website sound like a good idea too...

Susanna McArdle said...

I think most bloggers get to the point of boredom with their blog. Or they run out of energy for it or find themselvea out of creative steam. I think a bit like winter, sometimes it's worth taking a break, enjoying doing something else that you enjoy and then when the spring comes, the new ideas, the renewed passion, you can get back into it. Some winters are short and some last longer. I think creatively recharging is the same. Also I think personality is worthwhile considering, some enjoy the familiar process of say blogging (some are fb users who would never blog!) whilst others enjoy a mixed medium of communication. I always think best to follow your bliss. Enjoy the new quick media if it calls to you for now and come back to your blog when that passion reawakens. Life is supposed to be fun. Don't let anyone convince you of anything else :-)

Anonymous said...

Completely adore this shoot - stunning!

plain jane styling said...

Thanks SuzieQ. I think you are spot on. XX