Friday, July 8, 2011

food glorious food.


i'm back!

i have been deep in the trenches of a large show for the last couple of weeks.


totally exhausting.

but also exhilarating.

there really is nothing like working for days on end with a crew of people who are equally as committed to the same end result.

there is nothing better than getting to that moment, minutes before the event starts, standing back and looking at the beautiful space you and your team have created.

i will post photos in a couple of days.

in the meantime, i thought i would share with you an amazing company who was also pulled in to work on this event.

catering is incredibly important at any event.  whether it be a cocktail party for 30 or a sit down, 3 course dinner for 300.

so many catering companies get it so very, very wrong.

cold, uninspired food.  chicken or beef.  

sigh.  boring.

we worked with an amazing catering company this week.

an 'a-list' caterer, if you will.

one glance at their website, told me that we were on the same page.

look at the styling on their website!

gorgeous.  they get it.

'catering is a personal business and john&peter view it as such.  we don't have pre-printed menus, we don't believe in formulaic food.  for us, every job is particular and personal and what we provide is the result of discussion and am implicit understanding of our client's expectations.  we are not into frou-frou food.  our ingredients are as fresh as we can find and we handle them with respect........'

it was lovely to work with such a creative, professional team.

it's good to be back in blog world, friends.

jane xx


Penny said...

Welcome back - can't wait to see the pics. xx

naughtyshorts! said...

Yummy! Welcome back xo

Claudia Lane said...

yes, can't wait to sounds fantastic
Claudia xo