Monday, July 11, 2011

can i help you?

so, the news today is that a lovely girlfriend of mine has asked me to present a session on 'interior styling' at her next conference.

(i will link you all in with the details as to when / where and how to buy tickets when she launches the event.)


in the meantime.

if *you* were coming to a conference to learn about interior styling, what would you want to hear about?




styles and periods?

where to source items?

Let me know, people!

email me on

jane xx


Anonymous said...

No, not really. I don't think you can help me or .. really .. help anyone. Possibly, I don't really "know" you. Probably, I don't really care. I just feel really really sorry for these poor sop-poppets who suck on every thing you regurgitate ..

plain jane styling said...

Lovely! Thanks for your valuable input "Anonymous'. I shall try to remember that when I am in a room, surrounded by the 'poor sop-poppets (?!?!?!?!?) who have paid good money to listen to what I have to say. please, please pop by again and enlighten us with your delightful comments.