Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a little birdie told me,...

that you can now follow plain jane styling on twitter!

i can't promise that i'll always have terribly interesting things to tweet,...  or that i even know how twitter really works,...

but come and follow me anyway!

(and blogging *should* be back to normal transmission next thursday, when i am home from the show i am working on).

until then, see you @plainjanestyle.

tweet, tweet, tweet!

jane xx


Briar {Sunday Collector} said...

I've been wondering for a bout a year about joining Twitter - I don't really understand it either? Will see how you like it and then might give it a go!

plain jane styling said...

Yanno Briar,... In some ways it is far easier than a blog,.. it's instant, can post images,.. the audience is seemingly far wider,.. less detail means you put more thought into your posts,..... but it is soooo far away from where my head is at, I find it a little overwhelming. I like the 'pretty' in the blog. the images,. the font. the layout. you lose that in twitter. but,'s a bit fun. you should sign up! Let me know when you do! xx