Thursday, June 23, 2011

the brilliance of foresight.

one of the best gifts i have ever been given is a subscription to country style magazine.

it is, without a doubt, my favourite publication of all time.  

every issue is packed full of stories like ours.  young families who have packed up their city lives and have moved to the 'country', sometimes even the glorified country! (like us!)

my dream is to have our house, carrie and our life featured in country style. (i am putting this out into the universe in the hope that it actually happens!)

but in the meantime,  the fabulous thing about foresight, and ordering a subscription, is that i get to enjoy my copy of country style a full week earlier than when it goes on sale!

i know what i'm doing this afternoon.

jane xx


BabyMac said...

I'm sure you will get there. The universe will listen! THEN send it my way OK?!

plain jane styling said...

I think it will probably be the other way round, missie!!!

Claudia Lane said...

I love country style too and this month's issue promises well...can't wait to get mine
Claudia xo

Penny said...

I picked up a copy of belle property magazine at the shops this morning. Was going to do some work, but you have inspired me. I am putting 1YO down for a nap, 3YO in front of the TV, making a green tea and reading belle so I can have a look at all the houses I want to live in but can't afford ;-) xx

Anonymous said...

Jeez Jane .. just start your own publication ('cause I know you don't have "anything" goin on right now) "Bespoke Country" .. bespoke .. made to order - country .. rural districts (or) a national population .. God, I'm loving "The Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary" right now! [Carolyn]

Anna White said...

I love subscriptions too...but the only bummer is that you sometimes dont get the little extra promo gifts that come with it that you may seen in the newsagency...bummer! Hope all is well in your world lovely x