Monday, June 20, 2011

just call me chips*

about eight months ago, i bought an old, cream coloured, carpenters table on ebay.

cost me a grand sum of sixty clams!

i sent mr plain to collect it.  apparently it was incredibly heavy.

it arrived home.

it was okay,...  not great though.

so it sat.  in our garden.  in the rain and sun.  for eight months.

on the weekend, i decided that enough was enough.  i was *sure* there was some sort of amazing hard wood underneath that horrible beige paint.

i got the electric sander out, and spent hours sanding off the top layer of splintery, flakey, wood.

some amazing grain appeared.

i then oiled it with vegetable oil (what else!?)

and, voila!  it's beautiful.

(my youngest son is called rafferty, we, amusingly, call him 'chips'.  i commented that i was like a 'chippie' yesterday, and he was most offended.  '*i* chips, mummy!' he proclaimed.  that is the story of the post title!  lol)

jane xx


Kristie said...


Anonymous said...

Wow! It looks great. Worth the effort of sanding it back!

BabyMac said...

Jane! It's BEAUTIFUL! Just perfect...and long! How long?!

plain jane styling said...

nearly 3 metres long Beth! I could seat 15people around it! I am so chuffed with it.. the kids want to name her! lol,....

Aunt Annie said...

I LOVE IT. Clever thing. Obviously the falling mirror ball didn't bash your sense of gorgeous out of whack LOL!!

naughtyshorts! said...

what a score! well done miss xo

Claudia Lane said...

what a dream buy! Love it!
Claudia xo

Leisa said...

What a fantastic table - just beautiful.