Friday, June 24, 2011

cause you were all yellow...

look at the stars,
look how they shine for you,
and everything you do,
yeah, they were all yellow.

i came along,
i wrote a song for you,
and all the things you do,
and it was called yellow...


my youngest child, rafferty (aka, chips), turns three tomorrow.

and in true quirky form, has requested a 'yellow' party.

so, i am making yellow fabric bunting,

colorful fabric swag

some yellow and peach coloured paper tissue pom-poms,

and am thinking that there will most likely be a desserts table of sorts,.... 

and the whole while, i am humming 'yellow' by coldplay.

happy birthday chips!  

you are my 'yellow'.



Mel Mc said...

Happy Birthday Rafferty! Hope your yellow party is awesome!

Aunt Annie said...

Hope you get lots of lovely yellow sunshine- have a wonderful time. xx

Claudia Lane said...

Love the yellow theme and Coldplay of course...
Have a fantastic party Rafferty :)
Claudia xo

Salvation Jane said...

I am loving all this much sunshine!
I love your are one very stylish Jane...
X Jane H

plain jane styling said...

Thanks Miss Jane! right back at you! x