Wednesday, May 25, 2011

weird and wonderful way of the world.

for months now, i have been lusting after a vintage dressmakers form.

specimens on ebay were always lost at the last minute.  divine forms found in stores were astronomically expensive.  

the universe was just not complying!

so, last week i put it out there.  blogged about it.  

and within minutes, a lovely friend sent me a message. 

she had one.

a vintage, 1950's one.

did i want it?

did i want it!

today the boys and i went to pick up 'bertha'..  she is simply gorgeous.

she looks perfectly at home in the hallway outside the office.

welcome to the family, bertha!

thank you helen, we shall take very good care of her.

jane xx


Anna White said...

Oh Jane..thats just awesome! looks like the Universe finally heard you sweety..and its in such good nic how you have it displayed..just perfect! x

BabyMac said...

Ah the joys of blogging! This is how my bikers came about too....LOVE Bertha. FAB!

Claudia Lane said...

love it, looks great xo

naughtyshorts! said...

FANTASTIC!!!!! What a score miss Jane - she is truly beautiful.

thepaperdoll said...

I think you would appreciate this post...