Thursday, May 26, 2011

a family affair.

a bithdaya family affair
tonight i am hosting a dinner party to celebrate the birthday of my dear old dad.
my brother and his partner are here from interstate, and we don't often get the chance to get together for family dinners, as we live so far out of town.
i am really excited!
the boys and i will spend the day cleaning the house, digging up kipfler potatoes and picking garlic and rosemary to bake them with.  we will turn our homegrown pumpkin into pumpkin, fetta and sundried tomato ravioli.  we shall harvest bundles of tarragon to stuff, (with lemons from the tree) inside the bellies of chickens, ready to be roasted.  pick parsley, basil and shallots to garnish, and coax enough eggs from our fat brown chooks to whip into pavalova, which will be served with creme fraiche and the blackberries, raspberries and strawberries that i harvested earlier in the year and that are waiting patiently in the freezer.
we will then clean the house, set the table with our family's antique silver, some vintage china and lots and lots of candles.

happy birthday, dad.



Pinecone said...

All of those home grown ingredients sound delectible! I would love to have that meal!!

Claudia Lane said...

Wow what a delicious menu, my mouth is sounds like you are a great cook, your family is in for a treat...have a great time :)

Anna White said...

That all sounds so wonderful...I hope it turns out a huge success..but be sure that YOU get to enjoy the night aswell sweet pea x

thepaperdoll said...

oh my word.. that sounds perfect.
take lots of photos!! and maybe share some with us?? thanks!