Wednesday, May 25, 2011

see you later, alligator!

today, i am saving my regular early morning post for a bit later on in the day.

hopefully by then i will have something lovely to share with you all.

in the meantime,

have a wander over at stylist, heather nette king's blog.

it is truly gorgeous.

i have been coveting her royal blue table for months now.  


(this was the first colour i considered using for carrie).  not perfect for carrie, but couldn't get more perfect for a country, kitchen table.  especially paired back with crisp, white, bentwood chairs and a pop of peonie rose pink.

sheer perfection!

see you all later on!

jane xx


annie said...

You're right...that is perfection! love those white bentwood chairs.

Claudia Lane said...

Thanks for the tip her blog xo

plain jane styling said...

It's gorgeous, isn't it Claud? My one 'achievement' today was to have read all of her blog posts! lol