Friday, May 27, 2011

a rose by any other name is,.. a cabbage?

my gorgeous lottie brought me home some glorious cabbage roses yesterday to use as the centrepiece for her poppy's birthday dinner.

their creamy 'petals' and the slight grey tinge to the leaves are amazing.

they are a member of the kale / cabbage family, which means that the water tends to stink after a day or so.  you can counter that though by dropping a little bleach into the vase.

i put them into a vintage, cream coloured milk jug and surrounded them with tea lights held in jam jars.

thank you princess.  they are nearly as beautiful as you.

have a great day friends.

jane xx


Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous. I love vegetables as part of floral decoration. Just beautiful.

BabyMac said...

I used these A LOT in Amelia's wedding flowers that my Mum and I did. I adore them!