Tuesday, May 24, 2011

bromley + india

last week, when i was out an about sourcing props, i happened upon the 'david bromley arcade' in danks street, alexandria.

the paintings and furnishings were incredibly beautiful of course.  

however, the highlight for me was learning that david bromley's beautiful paintings were being made into indian quilts!

look at those happy little faces smiling down at their western doppelgangers.

providing jobs in india, and making his iconic paintings into a more affordable form.  prices start from only $800!

a bromley quilt is officially on my wish list.

have a lovely day friends.

jane xx


Mon Alisa Design said...

How fantastic! It's awesome places like this that make me miss Sydney. Have a lovely day :)

Claudia Lane said...

oh my...I love him! What a great thing to do.
Thanks for sharing

naughtyshorts! said...

Love him too...

Loved your last post - thanks for the mad props miss!! Muchly appreciated - I loved your lace dress, GORGEOUS!