Tuesday, May 17, 2011

honey, it's cold outside,...

and too many of my friends seem to be in bali!

i am not very good at cold (i know, i moved to a mountain, i know).

and am starting to feel a little trapped by the weather.  the day's are sunny, but useless.  the light is great for photography, but not for sitting in (gin & tonic in hand).

it takes forever to get the kids dressed to go outside.  boots are creating a massive pile in my breezeway.  breezeway is getting mighty breezy.  central heating is pumping away.  

you get the drift.

anyway.  thought i would cheer myself up a bit by booking a trip to bali  popping over to the gorgeous southern eclectic blog.  the home of sheridan french.

look at the divine tunic that is on sale.  a mix up in the factory in *bali* (sigh), so it turned out completely wrong,..but beautifully right!

perfect for a trip to bali! (or sitting by the fire in the mountains).



so, am back to painting carrie today.  the internal cupboards got a lick of berger paints 'bondi yellow'.  of which, for the life of me, i can't find an image of.

anyway,. looks lovely and sunny, paired back with glossy white surrounds.

lots more to do today!

have a *warm* day, friends. (and for those of you in bali, have a gin & tonic for me!)

jane xx


Claudia Lane said...

Yes it's freezing in Sydney too and this morning it wasn't much fun walking the kids to school...I agree with you Bali sounds like a much better place to be right now! :))
Happy painting - at least you'll keep warm moving around! -xo

thepaperdoll said...

Freezing in Sydney??? That makes my heart frown.

Well it's rainy and damp (the kind of damp that chills you to the bone) in Boston. I'm actually stuffing my face at my desk right now to keep warm... is that normal?

probably not.