Monday, May 16, 2011

you can never have too many 'janes'

morning friends.

a short wee post from me this morning,.  lottie and i have been up for most of the night with a terrible tummy bug.


not much energy for blogging.


instead of my usual post.  here is a link to another fabulous 'jane'.  all aussies would know australian actress, jane hall, yeah?

well, check out her blog.

today she blogged about a gorgeous cake stand she made from vintage china.

bit'o'super glue and bobs your uncle!

lovin' it!

anyway,.  hopefully we will get some colour onto carrie today.

maybe i will feel up to a second post later on!

jane xx


Salvation Jane said...

I adore your van, Jane... I would LOVE to have one, one day!
Congratulations on your lovely blog, too.
Salvation Jane x

plain jane styling said...

Hi Jane,.. thanks for popping by,... I'm a lovin' your blog too! Talented girl you are! pjxx