Wednesday, May 18, 2011

smile for the camera.

i was thinking that it was about time i hung some photos around the house.

i have lots of shabby oil paintings.  some vintage maps.  twigs.  clipboards.

but no photos of the kids.


anyway.  i am not really a fan of the typical 'photo wall'.  looks too contrived for me.

but then, i am also not a fan of the traditional family photograph.

so, my thought was to mix it up a little.

pair back a gorgeous photo of a bubba with a still life.  some fruit.  a leaf.  an etching in a frame. **something** to take the 'family idol' look away from the wall.

maybe something like this?

gosh, i love this image.  relaxed, country kitchen.  (look at the amazing cupboards!  and the 'ice box'?  swoon..)  pops of intense colour.  nothing uniformed about the photo wall.  all a little ramshackle, yet perfectly balanced.


how do you 'display' your photographs?

jane xx


mel said...

this is great...who,s home is it?

Aunt Annie said...

I aspire to a collage wall where I paste up my treasures- photos, old documents, letters- so I can see them anytime instead of having them stored away in a box. Just haven't got around to doing it yet!

thepaperdoll said...

I mix found objects with empty frames with framed photos as well! I found these beeeautiful really old and beat up oval frames at an antique store that i love! i wrapped ribbon with a flower around one of them and left it empty and put a painting behind the other! I also threw a door knob in the mix! I love the look of weird wall art.