Sunday, April 3, 2011

sparrow. fini.

this morning i finished and hung the sparrow painting i started work on yesterday.

that ol' real estate signboard now looks like this.

mr sparrow is a wee bit on the porky side,...and there is no chance in this lifetime that i will be taking up painting for a living. (no doubt catherine del barton is breathing a small sigh of relief!)

however, it is a reasonable representation of a sparrow.

and, more importantly, lottie seems happy enough to have mr sparrow looming over her beds.

what do you think?

jane xx


naughtyshorts! said...
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naughtyshorts! said...

I did say... I love it! and that fat sparrows are the best kind! I have also linked to your blog in my latest post... xo

plain jane styling said...

Thanks for the link in, lovely! xx

Claudia Lane said...

Love it Jane! It looks fantastic
Have a great week :))

Briar Stanley {Sunday Collector} said...

Thanks for your lovely and very helpful comment! And how cool is this artwork!! Well done! Briar x (your newest follower).

plain jane styling said...

Thanks for following me, Briar! x