Saturday, April 2, 2011

's' is for sparrow. (the beginning)

i posted the other day about this painting.

i am really quite infatuated with it.

and so,..i have decided to paint each of the kids a version of the kookaburra for their bedrooms.

lottie (scarlett) - sparrow
jasper - jackdaw
rafferty - red robin

i thought i would start with the sparrow.

mr. plain informed me that he knew where an old real estate signboard was located,..and he managed to pick it up on his way home yesterday,..

this morning it looked like this.

we pulled the front off it and were left with this.

i then painted the entire surface with a coat of taubmans 'katydid'.

and then i began chalking in the detail.

and it was then that i remembered why i never studied painting when i was at art school.  no margin for error!

anyway,..too late to stop now.

hopefully i will have the finished results hung on lotties wall tomorrow.

(at least she seems excited by her wee sparrow!)

jane xx

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Foxyloxy said...

Wow! You are incredible! X