Monday, April 4, 2011

retail therapy

these days i tend to do most of my 'collecting' in vintage stores,..op shops,..fleamarkets,...auctions,..garage sales etc,.

however, sometimes i do venture into real,..true,...shops to have a poke around.

i was in penrith (shhhh,...don't tell anyone!) last week,..and needed to find a bank,...and i stumbled across an amazing interiors boutique.  who would have thought!

crosses made from driftwood,..shells and barnacles.

vintage indian weights.  (i came home with a couple of these)

gorgeous turkish ottomans.

massive armchairs made from shells,..

vintage indian chapati rollers,..(one of these came home too).

an amazing chandelier made from turned pieces of driftwood.

handmade marble dishes.

and mound upon mound of seaglass beads,..

some lovely, lovely objects,..and a gorgeous little find in an urban wasteland.

jane xx

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Septembre said...

Love your blog, very inspiring!!!!!