Friday, April 1, 2011

friday flowers with an edge

in the world of events, flowers are incredibly important. 

the sometimes truely yawn-worthy floral centrepiece,.... the boring bridal bouquet,..etc

i often think that if i ever see another white lily sitting in an arrangement next to tortured willow and a piece of lemon spiked into florists foam, i will give up events for good!

but,...there are some people around giving good floral.  really good floral.

i love the combination of flora and fauna in this composition.

(centrepiece @ country trader. image via grandiflora)

both images consist of simple componants.  the shapes remain true to nature.  nothing contrived.  

nothing contrived with the truely Nanna flowers I have on my table at the moment either!

good old dalias!

what a truely disjointed post!

ha!  i am sure there was a point when i started.

never mind.

have a lovely day everyone...  take a moment to stop and look at the flowers in your world.

jane xx

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Claudia Lane said...

Hi Jane! Love flowers and love this pic is them all! Have a great friday :))
ciao xo