Tuesday, April 5, 2011

new interior style bible.

i was nosing around the gorgeous lark site on friday.

where i discovered this.

emily chalmers is the styling brainstorm behind the store 'caravan' in the uk, and also an incredible stylist in her own right.

so,..the book had to be amazing,..yeah?

oh. yeah.

vintage.  quirky. bohemian. with a truely modern edge.  think clashing fabric,..wallpaper,.. texture,..and an appreciation of form.  

my type of book.

she is also the author of 'flea market style', another winner.

but seriously, the best part of this little find was that i ordered the book from lark on friday,..and it arrived yesterday morning!  get outta town service!

get it.

(from lark)

jane xx


naughtyshorts! said...

Emily Chalmers is my all-time hero! Flea -market style is my most treasured decorating book!! haven't got this one so I will add it to my list on your recommendations. xo

plain jane styling said...

She is amazing, Eh!? I bought Flea-market style after seeing it on your blog! x