Wednesday, April 6, 2011

are plates really just for eating from?

there is a wall in our lounge room that needs some serious attention.

it is massive,..(the ceiling in our lounge is easily 8 metres high),..and it backs our couch, it is dull,... at the moment, it is still the horrible pale blue that the previous owners painted it,..simply because i have been a little stumped over what to do with it.

now,.. everyone knows i have a fascination with vintage china plates,..  i have them in every colour and pattern possible,...

got me thinking.

are plates just for the table?

are plates on a wall taking the nana vibe a little too far? 

can it be cool?










loving?  hating??

jane xx


Aunt Annie said...

Loving. A very dangerous post- since tiling my fireplace surround with various fragments of my life, I've been considering more radical projects like this- you are just encouraging me! DO IT!

Pinecone said...

I say, "love it"...the plates in the third to last pic especially. They have a modern look to them.

plain jane styling said...

Do it, Candy! Do it!

Ashlyn,..I agree,.. I especially love the one with the vintage bed and brown floral linen,... lovely indeed.

Claudia Lane said...

I always liked the idea of plates used as art...I can't wait to see your wall Jane... ;)

zigsma said...

Love it! I like the blue plates all crammed together. I'm doing vintage trays on the wall.

Anonymous said...

Love the plates on walls. They are already little works of art, so why should they not be 'curated' as the gorgeous photos show? Lovely. Thanks!