Thursday, April 7, 2011

clip art.

a girlfriend of mine was pondering the other day as to how best to display the piles and piles of artworks her 3 little kiddies bring home from school and preschool.

i often have the same issue.

i hate attaching things to the front of our fridge,..and am not that keen on blue-tacking paper to walls.

what does that leave?

well,...  obviously, there is a limit as to how many artworks you can hang at one time,...  but no one says you can't change them every now and again.

the way to guard against messy, cluttered looking walls, is unity.

and here is my kiddie artwork concept of the day.


imagine carefully chosen art on these little beauties.

i use them in my office to attach storyboards to.  but i also think that they provide a lovely frame for photographs,..drawings,..kiddie art, or anything you want to display.  

vertical vignettes.

and the best thing about these cute, industrial looking frames is the price.  $4.95 each from officeworks.

there you go, justine,..a solution to pile of kiddie paintings.

jane xx


Pinecone said...

great inspiration!

Aunt Annie said...

Yep, great idea!