Wednesday, March 2, 2011

to every season, turn, turn, turn...

seems that this ol' mountain that i live on takes the change of season thing quite literally.

i woke up this morning to thick fog,...rain,..and cold.

yup. summer is over.

don't get me wrong,...i am **ok** with the concept of long as i am indoors,..with the central heating on,..the open fire blazing,.and a glass of red wine in my hand.  it's the ferrying kids to school and back,.and jumping out of the car to refuel whilst it is sleeting that i am not so good with.  

anyhow,.. here are some gorgy things to get me used to the inevitable concept of winter.

bring on the white painted floorboards,..the charcoal and cream chunky knits,...deer and snowflake motifs,...the beautiful contrast of wood next to wool,..and soft muted tones heightened by pops of intense colour.

now i am off to sit infront of our fire with the current issue of belle interiors.  take the kids to school in the drizzle and mist.

jane xx

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