Thursday, March 3, 2011

gorgeous, simple things to brighten up your space.

it's lovely getting flowers,...right?  

the intense colours,...perfumes,...they make you smile every time you walk past them.

they are also, however, expensive, and don't usually last terribly long.

floral arrangements do brighten up your interiors to no end though.  they don't need to be expensive, shop bought arrangements.  wander out into your garden and find something that is blossoming,...or even leaves that you find attractive.  you can arrange a cluster of large leaves in a biggish vessel, and then nestle a small vase infront, if you have blooms with shorter stems.  you can add interest by mixing up the shapes, sizes, textures and materials of the vases.  Don't be afraid to sit ceramic next to crystal,..or even just a good old glass jar. they will all make a gorgeous floral vignette.

this gorgeous vignette of anna spiro's looks like it has been taken directly from the garden,.. the vessels are divine though..

this acacia also looks amazing, and is most probably picked straight from the garden..


and all straight from the garden no doubt.

i had a wander in my garden yesterday,..and this is what i came back inside with.  massive armfuls of the stuff.

it's a wild ginger of sorts and apparently a weed and **must** be chopped back,....  however it is a gorgeous yellow with a vibrant green leaf,...has a stunning sculptural element,.and smells like a tropical summer beach house in a jar.

and, cost nothing.

fill some vases up in your house today.

jane xx


Claudia Lane said...

What a great and inspiring post Jane! I love flowers of all sorts and shapes...I'd fill my whole house with them if I could!...I have heaps of what I call banana leaves, the beautiful green foliage and yellow flower featured in your bottom pics, they can't grow quickly enough in my garden as I love to surround myself with the at home...:)) Hope you're having a good week xo

Aunt Annie said...

I'm a sucker for flowers from the garden in a plain glass jam jar. Let the flowers do the talking! lol