Thursday, March 10, 2011

the email yesterday morning that lead to **this** yesterday afternoon.

so,..everyone knows that i focus on interior design and interior styling and event styling, right?

well,..sometimes i deviate into the world of styling people.

i know.

well,..really,'s much the same.  there is a canvas (the body), the backround (location) and the styling with colour and props.


yesterday morning as i was frantically trying to get my 3 kids ready for school, i received an email from a photographer based in the blue mountains.

check her out here.

did i have time to style a male texan model for a shoot?


**this** male texan model.  sam.

ummm,...  yeah.  ok.  yes!

so yesterday morning was spent frantically racing around buying bags of rich red sand,.. creating neckpieces out of wood and feathers,.... creating storyboards of the shots i thought would be right for sam,..and doing a reccie of suitable locations. (all with my 3 children in tow).

and yesterday afternoon was spent covering a lovely, lovely, sam with rich red sand,....styling him with tribal jewels and feathers and chuckling as he entertained my 3 children,..who were still along for the ride.

here they are hanging out in the old cast iron bath tub i found in a paddock,..  perfect backdrop for sam..**cough**

when annabel, the very charming photographer gets some images finalized, i'll fill you in with all the details of the shoot.

a fun afternoon / evening though.

oh, and just for the record,..even though they were fabulous styling assistants, 3 children and a photoshoot in the australian countryside in the early evening is hard work! 
jane xx


nat said...

We can no longer be friends.

Goodness me yum lol

Claudia Lane said...

I'm sure it was hard work Jane but boy what a great, fun and exciting way to spend the afternoon!! Why do these sort of things never happen to me?...hehe!!! Great stuff! Look forward to seeing the shoot :))

Anonymous said...

aaaaaaaaaaaagh I am a little bit speechless...

nicki said...

on ya' mate! you sound like a very determined woman- i like it! something to aspire to!