Friday, March 11, 2011

fashion goes tribal,....

   i checked in at the very gorgeous table tonic blog last night,..and louise had this photo up.

which led me to the sass and bide blog.

where i found this.

which got me thinking.

look at these images,...and imagine how divine they would be as an interior.  

tribal fabrics,..bold colours paired back with generous splashes of white.  

a gold moroccan pouffe from here.

feathers,...stone,...tan leather.

ikat cushions mixed with tribal rugs.

it would be to. die. for.

thanks sass & bide,..thanks table tonic.

you have both hit my creative spot today!  just what i needed.

jane xx


Aunt Annie said...

Hmm, I love the colours and fabrics etc- and I can see what you're saying- BUT I've gotta disagree about the second photo being inspiring. It only inspires me to wonder how long those girls can go on living that underweight, by choice, for fashion... and how inappropriate it is to look that way by choice, when the tribal people they're emulating are actually dying of starvation and can't do a thing about it.

Sorry to go all PC on you, but that's the part of fashion I can't stomach!

Sheridan said...

Those models could do with a cheeseburger or four.

plain jane styling said...

ha, you two! I didn't even **see** the girls! I was just looking at the colours,..the textures and the fabric,..and imagining them in a room!