Sunday, March 20, 2011

colour your world - stylist tip #1

the foundation to successful styling, and beautiful spaces revolves around colour.


many stylists work on a 10 colour palette.

gives you scope for designing a creative space, yet ensures a unified look at the end. gives each room a character,...yet ties them all in to create a whole.

it is really easy to create your own, unique colour palette.  it is as simple as wandering around in your world,...looking at all the things that you love. your shoes,...your signature lipstick,..the colour of rose that you buy time and time again.. your jewellery.  you will find that the same colours appear over and over again.

these will form the basis to your palette.

mine are:

white/bone/cream/parchment/eggshell (neutrals)
black/charcoal/grey/silver (backbone colours)
honeysuckle / fuschia / coral

these are the colours i turn too,.again and again.

i find that nature is a great source of inspiration.  the colours always work perfectly.  i mean, who sees a periwinkle that is not the perfect shade of 'periwinkle'?  have you ever seen a butterfly with a clashing colour scheme? a room decorated with the colours of a peacock feather would work perfectly, would it not?  really all it would be is browns,...indigo,....turquoise,..cream and a dash of gold.  lovin'!

look to nature,..  observe your own world,..the items you treasure...and create your palette.

go one step further.  

collect a bunch of objects that you love and lay them out together on a white sheet.  a colour scheme will reveal itself.  take odd items away,...add other items,...and pair it back with neutrals and naturals  ie:  wood,..bone,..pebbles,..etc

there you go!

that is your colour storyboard.

hope that helps! 

jane xx


Aunt Annie said...

Hmm... that project I just sent you... peacock sounds interesting! The rest of the house is in colours that reflect my world... but my world is so many things, and I am more and more attached to those peacock shades...

amanda said...

Very neat! Looking forward to seeing what divine hues my palette contains!!

plain jane styling said...

well,...the thing is Amanda,..I could design one for you,...but I would rather if you did the exercise and let me know the colours in YOUR story!