Monday, March 21, 2011

vintage find.

my middle child, jasper, is four.  he has recently discovered a love of collecting certain things.

sea-glass,...shells,..feathers,...string,...birds nests,...small hooks/screws/coins.

you know. 

boy stuff.

i am loving that he has a love for things like this,..but for a while have struggled with trying to find a way for him to display and add to his 'collection'.

i found the solution yesterday.

its a vintage printers drawer.  

with its tiny little compartments, it's perfect for housing boy stuff.  

how fabulous does this one look as storage for jewels?

or painted?

or simply divine in their natural environment.

(last two images via wish you were here blog)

jane xx


Annabel said...

Oooh, beautiful. I would love to find one of those.

plain jane styling said...

there are three of them at the odd little antique store on Badgerys Cres in Lawson. She only opens on Sat and Sun though,.... xx

Claudia Lane said...

OMG Jane that is a super find! Lucky little Jasper...already a collector with mum's great sense of style...:)) Have a great week

Anya adores said...

OH how I LOVE it - never seem to find such treasures on fleamarkets !
Fab blog you have , I adore it, so will follow you - hope you come see me sometime - maybe you'll like mine too and follow back !! Happy week to you.
A xx

Pinecone said...

What great little treasures he has. Love the display!!

I remember when one of my kiddos was little...she said she was gonna start an "M&Ms" collection (as in the candy) too funny!

Have a great day!