Sunday, March 20, 2011

help can sometimes be free.

(image courtesy of 16 house, and in her case, it's clutter in a **good** way.)

is there a space in your house that you struggle with?

is it not quite right?  

does it make you uneasy every time you walk through,...yet you have no idea how to fix it?

then maybe i can help.

drop me a line,...with a couple of pictures attached,..and also some images of things you love,..  colours, etc,..and also tell me a little bit about what you use the space for. or 'friend' and the upload some images to my facebook page.

i may blog about the results (anonymously and kindly, of course!)...

and i may only get around to doing one storyboard a week or so,..

but, hey,'s free help!  what have you got to lose!

make the most of your space friends

jane xx


Foxyloxy said...

Oh Jane! The temptation! I am sooooo excited about this idea!

plain jane styling said...

super! although i very much doubt you will need my help! x

Aunt Annie said...

Okay, I'm up for it... give me a little time...

Sam Mangels said...

you should come to India, tell me what to buy, then set me up in Singapore. Seriously, I have such a little clue about what works and what doesn't!