Monday, March 7, 2011

all in a weekends work

we have lived in this house for about eighteen months now,..and at every turn i find things to improve on,..alter,..paint,..fix,..change,..etc.

this weekend we finally got around to painting the floorboards in the bedroom and stairwell white.

i have always wanted white boards in a bedroom space.  i think it looks dreamy and ethereal.

the boards in our loft bedroom were recycled, and horribly ugly.  too ugly to inflict you with a before picture.

but,..check these out.

this is the landing halfway up the stairwell to the loft,..  all white now!

the gorgeous 50's dress found a new home on a custom made hook.

we still have a fair bit to do in the space,..install a retro ceiling fan,...hang some mechanics 'trouble' lights over either side of the bed as bedside lights,..and finish the painting.

i feel quite pleased with how it is coming along though.  we have claimed one more room in this house.

enjoy your day everyone

jane xx


Michelle said...

I love finding fellow bloggers who dont mind getting their hands dirty and getting their paint on! Your room looks fantastic, I'm off for a peek at the rest of your home. Nice to meet you :)

MAURICE and KING said...

Wow, what a stunning bedroom you have! I love the new white floors. Parfait. Nice to fine you! ;)

nicki said...

looking so good!!! what a cozy room! do eye spy a wooden cross from papier d'amour? love it. great work!

plain jane styling said...

Hi Michelle,... yup, getting my hands dirty! lol,... lovely to meet you too!

Hi M&K,..thanks for dropping by! I LOVE your blog :)

Hey Nicki,.. The yellow, wooden cross is from Doug Up on Bourke in Alexandria, Sydney,..