Tuesday, March 8, 2011

project day - a funky wardrobe for a funky little fellow.

rafferty and i popped out to ikea this morning.  the aim was to buy a bunch of 'spice racks' in order to complete this project.  (thanks gorgeous louise from table tonic for the fabulous idea!  but more on that later.

i also managed to pick up a gorgeous stripy canvas for about $3.


it will look perfect covering the doors on rafferty's 'new' wardrobe.

i had an old wooden wardrobe in the kids playroom.  it was painted bright pink, and they used it for their dressup clothing.

not anymore.

yesterday, it got a lick of white paint,...

and today or tomorrow, i will attach the stripy fabric to the doors.

stay tuned for the end result,...i think it will look fabulous!

jane xx

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Claudia Lane said...

Love it Jane, can't wait to see the end result :))
Have a great day :))