Saturday, February 26, 2011

sweet things for a sunny, saturday morning...

so,..i was strolling through leura yesterday with my morning latte (gosh,..doesn't THAT sound terrible!), and i found these little pretties in a shop window.

(these images are the same product, but advertised and styled by LarkMade.)

this morning, i am drinking my coffee out of this gorgeous, happy little fellow!

melamine.  unbreakable.  super child friendly!  (gorgeous for a little girls tea party, eh?)

super cheap at $6 or so a cup,... and available online at the aformentioned larkMade.

enjoy your saturday, friends.

jane xx


Aunt Annie said...

Fabulous! I love colourful crockery... though I admit to favouring very simple white plates for styling food at parties. But every day? Give me the bold colours!

plain jane styling said...

I agree! I am just about to enjoy a beer out of a black and white striped version of the fuschia one. :)

joanna said...

lovely! I happen to live in your neck of the woods, so I know exactly where this shop is!! Lovely blog, very inspiring!

plain jane styling said...

super, Joanna! hope to see you round 'these parts' (my blog!!) more often.. pjxx